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12-Dec-2020 13:04

Knowing what I was looking for, I found my mom's post and all the follow up posts, discovered that my step-dad was okay with this thing, that he would probably be hooking up with someone in Hawaii, so my mom had all the permission she could possibly need, and that there were at least a dozen guys she had agreed to let in on this event.

Posting as Techie38, I added my own messages to the post, innocent at first, but later more and more graphic as the week went on.

Playing the role of dad to two sisters, I began to see what my friends were seeing in my mother. You'd be surprised to find out that she had three kids if you met her in person. Being the technical one in the family, I'm always working on the electronics.

I didn't tell her that, of course, and so I missed my chance for anything once she got remarried. My step dad is a personal trainer, my mom's in fact, surprise surprise, and so whenever something breaks, it's just "Here, Zack.

When I was younger, I used to feel embarrassed by this and I got into fights, even lost some friends.

Over the years, I changed my mind, especially when my mom got divorced for the second time, and I was stuck taking care of my family like the man of the house. I later found out that several others in the city knew too.

Friday, I was so sore, I had to get an ointment to heal.

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I then went to dinner alone at a nearby bar and then drove myself soberly out to the Blue Room.

Saturday rolled around and I made an excuse to be gone all day.

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