Yukon territory internet dating

24-Jul-2020 12:40

I am a 27 year old (I think smart/attractive/etc) girl, what's the dating scene like up there?I am single and am afraid if I move up there I am going to be alone for life haha, are people up there my age usually married?! Not just about dating, but about what to expect etc. This is funny, I was going to post this question too but more in terms of how the gay/lesbian community, I'm into girls so fml.

Women as well, it seems everyone is really active all the as the other saying goes: "the odds are good but the goods are odd" But truly, probably not the best dating seen but not terrible either, plenty of other young people in your situation.

I honestly have no idea what it's like and am totally ignorant on the subject. I see there was a recent post from a dude but hoping for some insight from females/I am not a gamer/don't care about internet speed etc. My current car wouldn't fare well in Yukon conditions, so I'd have to sell it. Oh and Bell works btw :) and there's also another company called Ice Wireless LOL.

As a guy in your age range...it's a crapshoot. The saying is 'you don't lose your man/woman, you just lose your turn.

They are free to interact and socialize with others.

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