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21-Apr-2020 05:57

wpf listview selecteditem not updating-45

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The Content Presenter is required for the Item Template to work correctly.To avoid alignment issues in a Grid View view mode, do not add content or set properties that affect the width of an item in the Item Container Style of a List View.After making the Items Source change, look through the new collection to see if it contains an item equivalent to the old selected item.If it does, set this item as the new selected item.(This example view model code assumes that the List View’s Items Source and Selected Item properties are data-bound to equivalently-named properties on the view model and that the view model implements INotify Property Changed.) If the new collection does not contain an entry equivalent to the old selected item, Selected Item will be set to null because Items Source. This responsibility would more appropriately reside in the Account class. However, if other code takes action when Selected Item’s value changes, we still have a problem.

wpf listview selecteditem not updating-47

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Note that the View Model knows nothing about the View.Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) provides a Grid View view mode that partitions the List View data item content into columns.The properties and methods on Grid View and its related classes style and specify the content of the columns.Now let's add the following code to the View Model, to keep track of the selected Person: we want the selected item in the List Box to drive the Selected Person in the View Model.

We could do this by setting the selection through code in the view, working with the Data Context, or firing events.

as the control’s new Items Source causes the control to display the revised data and…whoa…clears the currently selected item.

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