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05-Jul-2020 20:30

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Would she be upset with you if you stopped going out with her? Now consider all these questions and now you may be able to decide what you really want. Many of my patients have agonized over this kind of conflict.The following statements are a compendium of those philosophies that we share, and what we feel has helped us not only stay together but never regret the decision we made to do so: 2.Learning from the successes and failures of past relationships It is a sad but true fact that many people pick the same kinds of partners and repeat the same mistakes in every relationship.They were not often exposed to the possibility of other choices and were prepared to be content with what was readily available.Many times those options were made for them well in advance.They often fall into score-keeping as they try to determine who was the “bad guy,” rather than learning what each of them could have done better.The people who have been lucky enough to grow and transform into better versions of themselves through their relationship experiences, find ways to value their past, rather than what they, or their partners, may have done wrong.

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Those relationship partners tend to expect that each new “relationship island” will be the best place to settle but are doomed to be disappointed when it does not prove to turn out as they thought it would.The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Sure they're old proverbs and sadly they are quite true. I walk down the street and see many pretty girls that I think I like.