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In 2012, she starred as Simone Sinclair (a former buddy of Bay Kennish, a one-night stand with Emmett Bledsoe, friend/ex-girlfriend of Toby Kennish, also ex-girlfriend of Wilkie) at Switched at Birth. She appeared in DJ Dillon Francis’ cooperation with Kygo (Norweigan DJ) and singer James Henderson’s music video for their song rapping in 2016.

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The Amazon is often referred to as the lungs of the… I’m learning to become unapologetic about who I am and what I want in life. Now I don’t let other people’s perceptions impact my choices. I want to do this for a friend who has had the most tragic thing happen to her and I know it would make her world. Feliz aniversário, vamos até cem aninhos 🥰💯 Happy Birthday G-ma, if I can be anything like you at your age I’ll know I did it right :) @ Los Angeles, California instagram.com/p/B1CVQo SFLs K/… Sandbox is a community of creative thinkers, independent innovators, curious seekers,… The #spiritofyes sometimes means eating s#*t and owning up to it.

Cole dated Miley Rosso, Erin Barr (2007-2008), Sophia Oda (2009), Katleyn Pippy (2009), Kathleen Herles (2009), Maiara Walsh (2009) and Bree Morgan (2013-2015).

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