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24-Oct-2020 10:21

For a more professional profile, you can visit Wikipedia. Later after one year of marriage rumors started piling up about Chad and wife Avril trying to have a divorce.

Moving on to his personal life, Chad Kroeger has a history with the Franco-Canadian pop/rock star Avril Lavigne. They began working together; Kroeger collaborated with Avril for her fifth album. They were the darlings of media; they were everywhere. They were seen without their wedding rings in various events.

Kroeger developed the band Nickelback and released their first album Curb and the State in 1995.

The album covered songs of Led Zeppelin and Metallica.

The news of Avril Lavigne’s recent engagement to Nickelback singer Chad Kroeger surprised us all.

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The title of the song is ‘Hero’, which became an instant hit with the release and promotion of the movie.

De Witt, 27, reportedly began dating the Nickelback frontman after his breakup from girlfriend Marianne Goriuk in 2002.