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30-Mar-2020 23:49

Once you've put it on, your head is tracked in virtual space so that when you move, the entire virtual world appears to move in sync.If there's any lag or latency, we didn't notice it, and the screens benefit from a smooth, 90 frames-per-second refresh thanks to "global illumination, low-persistence" panels.Those included the following: an internal motion capture studio; a 3D printer room; a massage room (curses); any room in which I might find studio co-founder Gabe Newell; and most of the company's general-use office space, which is famously made up of desks that can roll away on wheels at a moment's notice, not to mention plugs for computers that tell the entire staff where a staffer has relocated at any given moment.Faliszek, to his credit, made sure I visited every single coffee machine in the building.Virtual reality demos that we've seen for sets like the Oculus Rift and Sony's Project Morpheus require sitting down and putting on a headset, which we were asked to do with Steam VR as well.This HTC-produced headset, like others, contains high-res displays directly in front of your eyes—one 1080p display for each—along with a pair of headphones.Schwartz's team wondered if the meeting had anything to do with the fact that they'd been the first to ship an Oculus-compatible third-party game on Steam (the weirdly titled base-jumping simulator Both developers also attended the Steam Dev Days event earlier that year, in which Valve had shown off a virtual reality system that worked in a single room whose walls were covered in what looked like QR codes.

In our demo, Faliszek held the controllers a foot away from us in real space, and we could see and grab them in virtual space instantly and easily.

These controllers have a little in common with Morpheus, which uses the Play Station Move wands, but again, Steam VR doesn't need users to be right in front of a webcam in order to be tracked in virtual space—and unlike Oculus, which announced its own "Touch" motion controller this week, the Steam VR motion controller will be standard and required, not optional.

You really can get up and move anywhere in the playspace, hold Steam VR's controllers to represent your real hands, and manipulate all kinds of stuff in the virtual world.

Even at this stage, Steam VR delivers a major feeling of immersion without even a hint of the usual VR nausea.

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With a photo of this fresh-off-my-head hardware, at least, I'd have a memento to tide me over.A photo can't capture exactly what it looked like—what it felt like—to be a user inside of a Steam VR experience, the new "room scale" virtual reality concept powered by an early version of the HTC Vive headset.