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Even if Samuel was totally in the wrong, it didn’t justify Saul’s sin.We often try to blame our sin on someone else.: “We really needed God’s help against the Philistines, and we needed it now, so I had to do it.” But if Saul would have obeyed and trusted God, the LORD would take care of the Philistines. The whole manner of Saul’s explanation makes it clear this was no misunderstanding.He was still there many months later (1 Samuel 13:1).It may be that Saul wanted to keep re-living the glorious day when Samuel recognized and confirmed him as king before the entire nation.When the men of Israel saw that they were in danger (for the people were distressed), then the people hid in caves, in thickets, in rocks, in holes, and in pits.And is a massive number, and some doubt the accuracy of this number.As long as we are weak and subjected to our spiritual enemies, they don’t mind us at all. But as soon as we show some boldness and courage against the LORD’s enemies, our spiritual foes consider us .This was a bad sign in the heart and character of Saul.

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Through this attack Jonathan proclaimed, “We won’t meekly surrender to the Philistines any longer.”.” As long as the Israelites stayed in their weak, defeated place, the Philistines thought they were great guys.As soon as the Israelites showed boldness and courage against the LORD’s enemies, the Philistines considered the Israelites (Ephesians ).But our spiritual enemies have the same attitude as the Philistines.We often think things will “fix” problems when they won’t at all.

“And hereby God intended to teach them the vanity of all carnal confidence in men; and that they did not one jot less need the help and favour of God now than they did before, when they had no king.” (Poole): Saul’s position as king was confirmed at Gilgal (1 Samuel ).In the press of the current crisis, every day now seemed much more important.

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