Validating against xsd schema

21-Jul-2020 02:07

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What I have tried: Visual Studio still isn't giving up any useful debugging or editing information.

I tried both 20 (I've done it before in 2008 I thought) Update: I had another developer try this and it failed for him too.

Can someone explain how to use Notepad to validate an xml file against an xsd.

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This kind of requirement might come if you are building some awesome stuff like Fetch XML Builder or Fetch XML to SQL Converter. Let’s get started, here I’m using a console application. We need Fetch Xml schema which can be grabbed from SDK or can be found at the end of this article. This is passed as second parameter while reading fetch Xml with Xml Reader.

He knows he has done it with other XML documents and had it work. ) You don't need to manually associate the files in Visual Studio - it will automatically match an XML file to a XSD file if you have them both open, and you have your namespace defined correctly.

I then downloaded Oxygen XML editor and it worked fine on the same XML and XSD files, so the files seem to be fine (or Oxygen is more forgiving / flexible . To define the namespace: In the XML file's root element: I had this same problem, but VS was referencing my schema correctly already.

Now let's see how we can validate an XML file against the specified schema.

In general, Web browsers like IE and Firefox can be used to browse XML files. So we have to look for other ways to perform XML XSD validation: 1.

The only downside is the extensions havn't been updated for awhile, but most do work on the lastest version of powershell (including Test-Xml).

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