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You have many tools to use in a composite, and they may overlap for some cases.Mediator is particularly useful for content based routing of events, and as a listener for events.For example, a Mediator can accept data contained in a text file from an application or service, transform it to a format appropriate for updating a database that serves as a customer repository and then route and deliver the data to that database.Oracle Mediator facilitates integration between events and services, where service invocations and events can be mixed and matched.For example, raise a customer created event after completing the customer creation process.

using schematron in oracle soa suite 11g for validating xml-45

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You can specify a timeout period for an asynchronous interaction, which can perform some action, such as raise an event or start a process.

Based on the country mentioned in the customer's address, you can route and deliver data to the database storing data for that particular country.

Similarly, you can route a message based on the message header.

The reference architecture defines each layer, identifies the criteria for determining the right layer, and suggests ways of keeping capabilities and services at the right level of granularity.

SOA Suite Composite Architecture This section provides details on the SOA Suite Components including BPEL, OSB, Business Rules, EDN, JMS and other key parts of the product suite.

You can use a Mediator component to handle returned responses, callbacks, faults, and timeouts.