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13-Apr-2020 11:06

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If you have a site that uses a number of contrib modules, and maybe even depends on some of their APIs in custom code or in a custom theme...

you don't want to be upgrading core and all contrib modules all in one go.

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That makes a steeper learning curve for newbies for sure, although you can still install Drupal the same way you did with all previous versions, so one can get at least started that way. Jeff's are my favorites: https:// Note: I see above "5. I would not do that as it will wipe out anything in the vendor folder that got put there for modules added.Finally, I updated the documentation page Update core via Composer (option 4) and added a little bit of the information above in the troubleshooting section, because I'm with newer package versions, then basically start over from scratch.IMO, this is always a bad idea unless you feel safe upgrading all the things all the time (for some simple sites, this might not be the worst idea, but it still removes all the dependency management control you get when using Composer properly).dependency (which is a dependency of Drush and/or Drupal Console, but not Drupal core) was blocking the upgrade on this particular site!

I learned a bit following the discussion in the issue composer fail to upgrade from 8.4.4 to 8.5.0-alpha1, and I also contributed a new answer to the Drupal Answers question Updating packages with composer and knowing what to update.

In this lesson, we will create our backups, download a new version of Drupal core, and go through the process of updating our files and running the script.

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