Updating contacts exchange blackberry

21-Apr-2020 18:19

All mail within the inbox, and any selected subfolder(s), within the chosen timeframe will be synchronized to the device.

Note: If the Email sync timeframe option ‘Forever’ is selected a very large amount of email could be retrieved from the account.

Adding Accounts to the Black Berry Hub application: The Black Berry Hub application will allow you to manage your accounts, send/receive email, view SMS notifications (launching your default SMS application to respond), BBM notifications (launching BBM to interact), Call logs, and Social Networking notifications.

If this is the first time using the application, it will ask if you would like to use the Gmail account that was first used during the setup wizard, or another email account of your choice.

We may be able to assist determining some of these settings using Account configuration: Sync interval: This setting specifies how often the Black Berry Hub application will ask for new items (Mail, Calendar, Contacts – Memo/Task if available for integration type).

Use push if supported: If your account supports a protocol that supports push (IMAP, MS Active Sync, etc) the email server will alert the application when new mail is available as opposed to waiting until the next scheduled time (Sync interval).

Notifications can be adjusted via Settings/Sound & notification, or within the application settings.

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Note: If the same account has been added to the Android OS via Settings/Accounts, or another 3rd party application, you may see multiple alerts/notifications for the same message.

Choose only one application that you would like to notify you for this account to stop the duplication.

The issue is that users with older Blackberry's,(7100 & 7200) do not get contacts synchronized with their Blackberry's.

All user's contacts did synch with their Blackberry's up until 6 plus months ago.

In December an upgrade was done to the current version of BES.