Updating ata controller for windows dating in relationship workplace

06-Sep-2020 18:08

When you update your Xbox controller, you get the latest controller improvements.You can update your controller wirelessly or via USB.I think the date is when the driver was first released and does not change when the versions change.Also I think the 2nd controller is ASMedia chip so that is probably why it did not update as it has its own driver.I finally narrowed it down to the AHCI driver Windows 10 installs for the AMD SATA Controller.I downloaded and installed the latest AMD chipset driver 15.7.1, but the installer doesn't update the AHCI driver.Jim Hello, You are right, no difference in perf, BUT with Intel Sata driver noticeable difference in HDD's temperatures and HDD's are more "silent".:)As far as the "Standard SATA AHCI Controller" don't worry about the date but look at the driver version.

Upon reboot, SATA drivers should be updated, it depends on the user's choice.

Not sure which drivers I need now since I thought windows is supposed to install the right ones on its own. That's why I'm thinking of updating my BIOS Drivers.