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16-Feb-2020 22:40

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Does it matter which Check Box controls are checked, or just how many?

In other words, could you be having a problem with the btn Generate Data_On Click method... No, it doesn't seem to matter which ones are checked, it works with various combinations and always works if I go through and do one at a time.

er's On Updated property then hides the "Processing" message and enables the buttons.

It works fine sometimes, but when more than 3 of the 6 boxes are checked, it sometimes hangs and never runs the On Upated commands, just leaving the buttons disabled and the "Processing" message up.

Only placing the animated gif in the center of the Grid View was only slightly more difficult.The real issue is that the On Updated property of the extender is not always firing and this seems to be related to how long the process started by the btn Generate Test File's On Click method takes.