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Offer them a gift for spending that time with you to complete the survey.Do not go into the details over the phone, the time spent with them in their home establishing a rapport will make it possible to be much more successful in Dating - Recruiting - and even selling product. The more squares you buy, the better your chance of winning!Off to the Races this Summer Make your summer GREAT by qualifying and be part of the top group from Superb who will go to Flamboro Downs for a fantastic evening of fun and excitement to the "Top O' The Turn" Restaurant for a wonderful evening of dinning and excitement Canada's fastest 1/2 mile track.Not only will you be able to mix and mingle with the top people at Superb enjoying a Prime Rib buffet with an unbelievable dessert table but the group will have a bucket of toonies to place wagers on their favorite horse.You can change views from weekly to monthly, I prefer a 4 day view.Use ETrends to send out a monthly brochure by email to all your contacts.This keeps you in front of you customer 12 months a year.

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At every rally at Superb there will be a special 30 minute breakout class & there is a special online 30 minute training and information class every Sunday at 8 pm Earn a 0 Product Pack by completing the calls/classes Investigate your opportunity in Tupperware Below is a link that has tons of great info where I learned the most about pressure cooking in general.That means the average sales force member has over 5000 households to look after.If you did 2 parties every week (100 per year) it would take 50 years to reach each one.The cost of this is .95 US a month and can include thousands of customers who all receive your email every month.

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The cost is about 2.5 packs of printed brochures (50 brochures).

It is not about microwave pressure cooking but can be adjusted accordingly as people glean information.