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28-Feb-2021 12:50

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“True Blood” might have just been better than other vampire films and TV.

Metacritic, a site that aggregates critical reviews of television and movies, gives an average score of 72.8 out of 100 for the first five “True Blood” seasons (critical opinion soured drastically in the last two seasons with a change in showrunner and the introduction of weirder plot elements), with a Season 3 peak of 79.

The Season 1 bump can be laid in part to the release of “Twilight” two months into the show’s first season boosting the demand for vampire media.

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From its meager premiere to its colossal season ending average, “True Blood” gained its audience much quicker than “The Sopranos.” How was “True Blood” able to differentiate itself from its vampire competition to gain and sustain such popularity?

“True Detective,” which became a television sensation in 2014, pulled in only 3.5 million for its finale.

“The Sopranos” peak season average was 10.9 million viewers, easily comparable to “True Blood” (though without the added bonus of multi-platform viewing).

“Breaking Bad” Season 1 scores a 74 and “True Detective” scored an 81.

That’s good company for “True Blood.” The “Twilight” movies, on the other hand average a paltry 51 on Metacritic, while “Vampire Diaries” Season 1 scored a 50.

Those numbers match up well with other well-regarded series.