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The second video from the Lake Constance region is located in Hegau northwest of the two foothills of Lake Constance, the Zeller See and the Überlinger See.

The tour starts in Orsingen and leads via Wahlwies and Stahringen to the eponym in Singen.

The biosphere tour uses these four stream valleys as comfortable stretches, but must overcome their watersheds in two climbs, which happens on quiet, own ways without any traffic.

Where once snorted steam locomotives, today we ride through the unique volcanic landscape of the Eifel from the Moselle valley to Daun.

After Ferreries and Es Mercadal you will see that the landscape changes several times as you go as far north as you can go on Menorca: the lighthouse Far de Cavalleria.

At Gifu 2005 he raced the lightweight double scull to a twelfth place and at Eton Dorney 2006 he stroked a coxless pair to a fourth place in the final.This hot guy can’t wait to go home to take a shower: he’s so exhausted that he needs a jet of cold water as an energy boost.