Tips for dating a older guy

01-Mar-2021 09:41

Even with gaps as small as ten years (and that is relatively small by some accounts), partners can offer each other different perspectives and insights.An older man might have more experience to offer a different perspective should you find yourself with a concern or problem.While younger men might seek the model perfection they see in glossy men’s magazines, older men will have met enough women in their time to know that this isn’t the reality.Not only that, but an older man will have come to accept that he, too, has flaws and will, therefore, be more accepting of yours.

There is some evidence that suggests that some women choose older men to fulfill a gap in their lives.Interests can mean lots of different things: from the types of different dates you choose to the music you like to listen to.Interests aside, there is plenty of common ground that you will be able to find.Conversely, it seems that women become attracted to more experienced, powerful, and attractive men.

Another reason for younger women to go for older men could be down to fertility.I’m not talking about those women who could be considered to be ‘gold diggers’, though.

It doesn’t mean that she can’t pay, but it shows her what it’s like to be taken care of (even just for one night).… continue reading »

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