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Her nuanced clarity in the Balanchine, Robbins, and Wheeldon roles she performs with N. Like Peck, he grabs your attention and won’t let go. Peck’s exquisite musical mastery makes audiences hold their breath, and Fairchild is the all-American ideal, a Gene Kelly for our day. Watch New York City Ballet principals Tiler Peck and Robert Fairchild in action, and hear how they met and eventually got engaged.Their teenage romance began from the beginning of that School of American Ballet summer session but was quickly delayed when they each returned home to their parents in the fall. “Each day I felt more and more sorry I had broken up with the person I loved.” In January 2010, Ms. Fairchild and all the dancers to her 21st birthday party. “I told her I had other plans.” (He admits he was home alone that night.) “I always had a feeling, though, that Robbie and Tiler would get together again,” said Rachel Piskin, Ms. Fairchild sent her a text message: “Dinner on Wednesday night, perhaps? The pretense was a fashion photo shoot, but while there, he took her to the Sacré-Coeur, where he ensured there would be no more breaking up.“I got down on one knee, and halfway through my sentence, ‘Will you ...,’ she started crying and nodding, ‘yes,’ ” he said.“And now, they are unbelievable together,” said Suki Schorer, one of Ms. “They know each other so well and they are so close and trust each other completely and can take risks in their dancing. They are truly yin and yang — they’re both rocking it now and really reaching their peaks in their dancing.”Mr.Long, loving letters flew all winter between Bakersfield and Salt Lake City. They returned to New York a year later for another summer session and stayed on to attend high school and the winter semester at the ballet school, continuing a romance of teenage emotional upheavals, which included a series of breakups, almost always initiated by him. “Never come back,” she recalled telling him, feeling rejected and hurt. He said he thought he was not ready for such commitment. Peck’s best friend at the School of American Ballet during high school. Because of their musicality, their dancing is so nuanced.”“They just make each other better,” said Ms. “When they dance together, the whole is greater than the sum of its halves.”In fact, when describing the couple, their friends cannot help but intertwine their dancing with their personalities. Watts said: “Tiler looks like a risk taker on stage, but she’s really a perfectionist. Gottlieb said: “Tiler is extraordinary both musically and technically. He dances in the tradition of Jacques D’Amboise and Gene Kelly.”The two, Mr. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church, performed the ceremony, and 135 guests listened as Ms. Fairchild, “You were my first kiss, and I’m so happy that you will be my last.”Mr. is matched by effortless technical fireworks, and she is also an affecting actress.

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With his sunny, open nature and matinee-idol looks, he can bring to life equally a swaggering cowboy, a dreamy hoofer, or a shy sailor, and in his acclaimed performances of Balanchine’s he makes the god flesh and blood, full of curiosity, power, and depth.

Representatives for the New York City Ballet principal dancers tell The Associated Press the couple is splitting: “We can confirm that Tiler and Robbie have decided to part ways.