Steve howey dating joanna garcia in real life

10-Mar-2021 18:05

Reba expects BJ to go crazy but she doesn’t, saying that strangely enough, after all this time, it doesn’t feel like a big deal.

Reba’s in shock but BJ bursts out that she was kidding because that’s what best friends do. Brock interrupts the hugging and honestly tells BJ that, if moving to Little Rock would make her happy, then that’s what he wants her to do.

Mine couldn’t but yours still has a chance.” BJ leaves saying that she has to go give her notice to the news station so that they can find someone else to do the weather.

A bit later, in the Hart home, Van thanks Reba for letting them stay with her and comments that he needs to change his smoky shirt.

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Six years ago, this family was falling apart and then I came in and I just put everything back together.” Brock says that’s not exactly how he’d put it but Reba shushes him saying, “Barbra Jean’s right. We’re survivors.” They all smile as the familiar theme music rises and the camera flashes.

Since then, she has since pretty much disappeared from the public eye.

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Reba tells her how much Brock has changed and BJ replies that he hasn’t.

She knows Brock wants things to go back to the way they were, when the world revolved solely around him.She says that, “six years ago, I thought I was cursed. And I love all of you.” They’re very moved and Van suggests that they take a picture to remember the special moment forever.