Speed dating flyer templates

23-Feb-2020 07:46

You can download any flyers you like and customize them as you wish.

All the templates are ready for printing after all the modifications.

Feel free to follow it exactly since it isn't real, or modify it as you see fit.

Now you have a heading that may look something like this: Your flyer may look something like this now: You may have your own pictures, but I like using clipart for my flyers because it's easy and free to use. It looks like this: My flyer now looks like this with the accent.

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Playing “matchmaker” between individual readers and their next great book is the exception.

While many libraries host “blind date” book events (pairing individual readers with a “mystery read” wrapped in paper, labelled with just a few descriptors), a variation I like for book clubs is more like “speed dating.” The basic concept behind “book club speed dating” is to create appealing, quick, book club-centric pitches that boost reader engagement by giving them choices.

What about customizations, everything can be done in Photoshop.

Based on your book club organizing “style” (and available resources), you can combine, modify, and adapt the suggestions below.