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13-Apr-2020 22:50

It is published in a tabloid format on a weekly basis and has a circulation of about 10,195 based on its latest published ABC figures to December 2018.It was founded in 1836, The newspaper was re-launched in November 2016, under the County Gazette masthead, with the tagline 'Somerset's heartbeat', losing the full Somerset County Gazette logo and web address from the front page.It is these business men and women she wants to show what they need to do to find love and to come out of their shells.In the blurb for the show it states: "Coralie’s little black book of contacts developed during a her career in Finance and Private Equity, made her an invaluable asset to The Ultimate Matchmaker which focuses on creating luxurious television-worthy dates for the international jetset in West London and abroad." Speaking about why she thinks the rich find it difficult to find love she said: "I think the problem is in my experience they have the experience of being cash rich but they are time poor.

The strangest set of Christian names was surely that reputed to be possessed by the daughter of a laundryman named Pepper!

Finding love is fun and with this show there are always twists and turns "We live in a world where people consume phones like they do relationships.