Sims 3 dating your boss

14-Mar-2020 10:42

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Build up to being “Irresistible.” Continue with your romantic interactions until the desired Sim sees you as “Irresistible” (you can see the status in the top left of the screen).

You can then perform more romantic actions such as “Stroke Cheek,” “Whisper in Ear” and “Leap into Arms” to improve the relationship even further.

If you’re a romantic interest, failing to communicate regularly reduces the level of the relationship, so stay in contact.

Avoid repeating the same interactions too much though, because this will bore the Sim you’re trying to woo.

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Married Sims who are just starting out may find themselves facing money problems.

Once the Sim is pregnant, a cheat code can be used to force the mother to have twins.

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