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Her real name is Shelby Lynne Moorer (her younger sister is rising country singer Alison Moorer).

Jail, family dysfunction, murder and suicide are elements of the background that created a determined, thin-lipped and soft-spoken woman.

Sitting in the overly trendy environs of London's Met Bar, she is virtually unrecognisable from the truly sassy, glamorous face on the cover of her latest record, the unequivocally-titled I Am Shelby Lynne. It's not a conceited thing, however, I've just always felt a little strange like that.

Reminiscent of a nervy Jennifer Jason Lee - hair clawed back, clipped, Southern-drawl answers, an adamant refusal of eye contact, sucking the life out of cigarettes and continually picking a thread on her frayed jeans - there would be a faded grandeur about Shelby Lynne if it t weren't for the fact that she exudes star quality. Since I was a little girl I always wanted to be a star. I've been singing from the time I was three years old.

"That said, I truly respect the time that I spent there.

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Both sang as soon as they could form words, but music is the only language they have ever needed to communicate with and understand each other."I was 18 when I made my first record, Sunrise, for Epic.When you make records in Nashville, it's a completely different process, a certain system and a certain way of finding songs.Shelby and Allison wrap their arms around the past, plant their feet in the present, and nod toward what’s around the bend with a co-written “Is It Too Much,” to close out the ten-song set.

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It becomes immediately apparent that this lady is not for turning.

Admittedly, following a 10-hour flight from Palm Beach, the star quality might look a little lacklustre, but it's there. Standing in front of a mirror with a hair brush - that was so natural for me. I sang before I said any words." Most people in Europe wouldn't even know what Shelby Lynne looks like, let alone be concerned about the tangible matter of star quality.