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17-Nov-2020 08:21

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The past few weeks have been a testament to the direction it wants to take civil rights: blocking an Obama-era equal pay rule, rescinding the Title IX guidance on sexual assault on campus, changing the Department of Justice’s position on gender discrimination, and rolling back the Affordable Care Act’s requirement that employers include contraception in health-care plans without a copay.

“This is a moment when the federal government is in many ways abandoning the field in the fight for women’s legal rights,” said Emily Martin, the NWLC’s vice president for workplace justice.

Beyond fielding calls from potential plaintiffs, the network will help share knowledge and resources “to strengthen the capacity of the private bar to do this sort of litigation,” Martin said.

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The nonprofit just publicly announced its answer: The creation of the first national legal network focused on combating sex discrimination in the workplace, schools, and health care.

The newly created Legal Network for Gender Equity already consists of 75 attorneys from across the country who plan to take on sex discrimination cases.

The network will put to work the many attorneys who are now eager to do something in the post-election atmosphere.

“It has the potential to tap this newly awakened energy, particularly in the legal community,” Martin said. “We felt like it was really important to also be able to tell institutions, whether you’re talking about employers or schools …It was “something we can do that is really concrete at a moment that we really worried that our civil rights protections and the enforcement of our landmark laws were at grave risk,” Goss Graves said.