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""I believe that everyone is capable of making changes in their lives when given respect and support in a nonjudgmental, strength-based and nurturing environment.I view therapy as a collaborative partnership between us, with you defining what goals to work towards and my offering knowledge and guidance to assist you in realizing these goals and reaching optimal functioning and potential.Formerly open areas have been closed by the county. I sat down by a guy that had just finished smoking a joint -- he w...

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Additionally, I strive to provide culturally competent care.

Each individual is unique, with different needs and a different history, so each counseling experience will be unique as well.""I utilize a wide range of clinical skills to help clients reduce their distress and increase their overall well being.

I aspire to create a unique therapeutic approach for each client, based on their needs, personal struggles and goals.

Park in the gravel lot or right on the side of the highway, then follow the paths (and clear markings) to the paved service road which drops you off right on the Willamette and all the fun on sunny or even semi-sunny days.

You do have to wade a narrow stretch of the river as the site is on an island. Stick to the dirt path to the left of the end of the parking lot. After checking out some hot pussy and cocks in the sun bathing area, I headed over to where the action is.

I went in and asked for a specific lube, and both times came home and it was the wrong shit. They've cut the number of videos running but the locals are friendly (I got a toe-curling expert-grade blowjob) and the staff seemed happy to see me and grateful f... It's a nice place, out of the way, with parking below road level and there's a rear entrance. From the boat landing, take the trail along the river for about one mile keeping to your left. He was sort of friendly till it became apparent I wasn't going to blow him then he became abusive and lo... The clerks are assholes and stalk customers and harass.