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(rates are at the discretion of individual coaches) Do you know someone who would benefit from our Dating and Relationship Coach course or Rules School course? ” Certified Rules Dating & Relationship Coach & INLPTA Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner Email me: Phone: 203-680-0347 “The Rules books are life-changing! Wrongs and see how respecting the differences between men and women can have fabulous payoffs, like electricity, ease, and being adored by the man of your dreams.” Social Worker, Author, and Host of the Podcast: Make Him Wonder. I specialize in how to date celebrities and high-profile men, as well as coaching women in second marriages. ” Vyšší dívčí (School for women), based in Prague (Czech Republic) Rules dating and relationship coach and makeovers “Relationships and love have been always my passion and I love helping other women to get the best from their dates and men. “Recovered Rules breaker, now happily married Certified Rules Coach.Receive a free 30-minute phone consultation (0 value) with Ellen and Sherrie when she signs up! There is more romance and at The Dating Angel I am here help you find it. I did the Rules to meet my husband and was proposed to within a year. A complimentary session is available for readers of Why Won’t He Commit? The Rules are not always easy to do, but they get easier with support and once you start seeing the incredible results! I want to help you stop breaking Rules and help you realize how valuable you are!Ashley Phillips, Ph D, Oregon “The Rules are about having healthy boundaries and living an independent life without bending over backwards and wasting time on men. Also 9am-11am (EST) and throughout the day, with advanced notice.” LAS NORMAS, son un conjunto de únicas y efectivas reglas que te ayudarán a tener la relación que siempre has querido.As a feminist, I believe that taking care of yourself first and having a healthy relationship are most empowering! Let’s figure out what is keeping you from catching Mr. No sólo te enseñaré a captar el interés de un hombre, sino a salir con él y conseguir una propuesta de matrimonio en el menor tiempo posible. “The Rules are the most effective way to have the relationship you always wanted.Please contact the coach of your choice regarding appointments and payment. , Improve your marriage immensely, with second marriages with kids, Increase your confidence, Heal from a breakup fast, with makeovers/diet/fashion, Divorce/legal support/advice.” Lynda Love, Sydney, Australia Dating and Relationship Coach – Happily married thanks to The Rules. I have a reputation for helping clients get engaged in a year or less. The Rules gives you the confidence to be all that you can be without sacrificing your femininity..learning from your strengths AND weaknesses and using both to your advantage.When writing to Rules coaches, be sure to put “The Rules Book” in the subject of your e-mail, otherwise it may be deleted. about her fabulous Rules phone meetings: (646) 418-5507 or Coach Edna [email protected] Email:“My passion is helping women transform their dating experience and marry the man of their dreams. If you are serious about getting that all-important proposal, I look forward to working with you. Yes, my focus is on getting you quality dates, finding Mr Right and getting the Ring, but it’s more than that, it’s about learning the life skills needed for a positive, whole, happy life and relationship! I will help you.” Consultation available by phone, e-mail, Viber, Whats App or face to face. ” , “If you can read only one book, this is the book!

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Maya E., Miami Beach, FL Mother, divorced, dating available daytime, nighttime, weekends (support groups) [email protected], Rules have helped me get my life back, not just in the romance department, but all around, by reminding me that I’m a CUAO and by providing guidelines for living in a happy, easy-going state of mind. Debbie Sedgley, Rules Coach, Happily Married, London, UK “Former Rules breaker turned Rules Coach, now happily married! Available for e-mail or phone consultations for single or married women, who might need a refresher.” Available in English or French.

I tried talking to my family, but ever since the loss of a beloved pet, my parents are having a difficult time emotionally, and I don't want to trouble them even further. — LONELY AND DEPRESSED IN CHICAGO DEAR LONELY: Putting on a mask isn't the solution.