Secular view on dating and mating nyc lesbian speed dating

31-May-2020 15:40

Humanists believe that science, reason, and historical experience are sufficient guides for figuring out what is right or wrong in any situation.These standards will not always be the same, as each person has a different background and reasoning.Therefore, the Secular Humanist sees no place for the supernatural or immaterial."There is no place in the Humanist worldview for either immortality or God in the valid meanings of those terms.Therefore, the standards and values – ethics – are relative.

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READ MORE Secular Politics – Liberalism, Progressivism, Secular World Government According to the Secular Worldview, Humanists believe that the world government is the next logical step on man’s evolutionary road to utopia, as man is now conscious of his evolution and is responsible to direct it.Since you can’t observe God, hell, the human mind or spirit, or conduct experiments on them they can’t – and don’t – exist.