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If the only info the shrink gets is through Robin's completely upside-down perspective, what else does she have to work with?And Robin does not think she's sick, know she's sick, or go for help.

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The less hidden all this is, the more motive she has to be in real treatment.

Robin is undeniably talented but how does she get along with other actors? I dunno about the acting chops-- really inconsistent. Robin got Sara a job on Deadwood, as Sara was a failed writer at the time. So - when Rob dumped her for Liz Sarnoff- Sara did, in a sense, get a settlement.

Sometimes very compelling moments of genius, but sometimes ridiculous fakey-fakey and I can't believe a line she says. Yeah, but Rob didn't "get" Sara Hess the freelance job on Deadwood-- you don't end up having a writing career like she does without serious chops.

Cindy was the worst enabler of all, and that's - in a way- the saddest case, because Robin always maintained ties with Cindy because she wanted jobs.

And Cindy continued to cast her, even as recently as Rebecca Miller's last film.

She was obsessed with Cherry Jones for years to the point of harassment which Cherry handled with incredible grace. Also bearded with George Clooney in US Magazine years ago.