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In case of default of or waiver by any or all of the common children or their descendants, each vacant share shall belong to the respective surviving descendants.

In the absence of descendants, such share shall belong to the innocent party.

Money is [one of] the root[s] of all kinds of relationship problems, says an article at the Family Relationships site.

In my modest years of law practice, I can say that among the most bitter confrontations (in and out of court) relate to property/money/inheritance issues between members of the family.

Please also note that if one has a prior marriage, his/her share shall be forfeited in favor of that previous marriage (as an aside, the children under the second relationship shall be considered as illegitimate).

So, as previously stated in this Forum, put your (first) house in order first.

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When only one of the parties to a void marriage is in good faith, the share of the party in bad faith in the co-ownership shall be forfeited in favor of their common children.

Then we focus on the linearization of the equations of motion around from a general and purely theoretical point of view.

In addition, we show how qualitative results can be extracted to describe the properties of Trojan asteroids.

For this entry, allow me to focus on something that appears to be increasingly common nowadays — the “live-in” relationship, also called “common-law marriage“.

This is governed by Article 147 of the Family Code, which reads: Art. When a man and a woman who are capacitated to marry each other, live exclusively with each other as husband and wife without the benefit of marriage or under a void marriage, their wages and salaries shall be owned by them in equal shares and the property acquired by both of them through their work or industry shall be governed by the rules on co-ownership.

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