Red flags when dating

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Communication is crucial — it may be nothing, but it may be a big problem and you won't know until you talk about it."RELATED: 23 Secrets Husbands and Wives Keep From Each Other"If you or your partner feel like you have to keep where you've been — whether that's to the bar, the plastic surgeon's office, the motel, the high-end specialty store, or the strip club — a secret, then perhaps you shouldn't be in the relationship.Lying is never the solution," says Monique Honaman, a psychologist and author of two books on divorce."If they alternate between being really into you when you're not into them and being distant when you are very into him it shows he's is a commitment-phobe and bodes poorly for the future," says Gail Saltz, Ph.This doesn't come naturally to some people, but it is a skill that can — and should be — be learned!""If your partner is emotionally closed off and reluctant to talk about their past life and relationships, their family, friendships, future goals, it's a sign that they're holding back important information about themselves.You’ve probably heard everyone from your grandma to Dr.Phil warn you about red flags in romantic relationships, and I’ve got a few to add to the list!

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It's likely a huge problem that can wreak havoc on the relationship," says says Dion Metzger, M.If you start dating someone that doesn't seem to have any close friends and they don't talk about friends, there might be issues," says Ethridge."Sure, maybe they're a unique soul that no one understands.Pay attention not just to the words he uses, but also to the looks he gives, the tones behind his words, and his behaviors," says Natasha Sandy, a counselor and therapist at You Matter.

"All of these things make a world of difference when it comes to whether or not he respects and loves you."RELATED: 8 Habits Couples Therapists Say Always End A Marriage"When your partner is undermining of your accomplishments or efforts, it shows how deeply insecure they are," Dr. "This kind of person sees everything as a competition and needs you to do less well than them to feel good about themself.""If your partner uses words or actions to make you feel small, inadequate, or unimportant, it may constitute as or develop into verbal and emotional abuse.How they attach to their pet is a good indicator of their ability to feel empathy, display vulnerability, and show affection in a relationship.