Pwa my tasks not updating

02-Jan-2021 14:18

In Share Point Online/Office 365, you can easily sync MS Project with Share Point Tasks Web Part.This would allow you, as a Project Manager, to enjoy all the sophisticated features of MS Project like resource management, reporting, and task management, while providing a clean and straightforward interface to tasks for your team members via Share Point Task list. If you already have some tasks in Share Point Task List and want to create your MS Project Schedule using those tasks, you can open that task list in Share Point using MS project.As such, in this case, you can: If you read through this sync MS Project with Share Point blog post and are still craving for more adventure, I have some bonus material for you.Another thing you can do with MS Project-Share Point sync is map custom fields.* Could it be you are reporting from a cube that hasn’t been rebuilt (sorry, just trying to ask all the questions) * On that note, could it be that you are reporting from the Share Point list?It should still work but it does require that extra synch of the data. I wonder if it might be an issue with PWA publish vs. * Are you pulling from the reporting DB or from OData?In case you want to surface up some of that info to your end-users via Share Point Task list, you need to map those fields.Essentially, you need to tell which columns in Share Point will hold MS Project information once you click the sync button.

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Viewing a schedule in PWA displays the published version, edit mode displays the working version.From your message I’m not able to determine an answer.

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