Psychological effects of dating a married man

21-Apr-2020 11:08

psychological effects of dating a married man-73

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I’ve gotten myself into a situation that I never dreamed of. We became lovers only after I had assurances from his wife that it was okay. He was thrilled about this and thought it was great. I truly love and care about him and I know he truly loves and cares about me too. We read each other’s work, we spend the weekends together shopping and walking around the city, we call each other to let the other one know where we are and what we’re doing and we communicate well.

I started a while ago and when I started I met this guy. He’s older than I am and married, however, he has an open relationship with his wife. At this time, his wife started a relationship with another man. In one of their fights she told him that she only married him because she thought he’d change.

Even if his relationship with his wife ended, I’d have no guarantee that we’d have a romantic relationship (although, what we have now sure feels like that). He’s my dearest friend who knows everything about me.

But trust me, I really didn’t want that kind of relationship in the first place.

I didn’t have a very good time and I’d call him and he’d listen. He told her that she could go anywhere she wanted to in the world to figure out what she really wanted from her life and he would be there for her when she got back. I came back from visiting my family, he and I spent a weekend together and when he got home, his wife claimed she wanted a separation. And, I was the one who got to be the sounding board for him. However, he keeps saying that he wishes she were more like me [happier,un-moody, and stronger]. She’ll disappear for days without calling him to tell him where she went.