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28-Sep-2020 03:36

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You will watch real people in different situations, places or different things that regular people want to show in his real life cam to the whole world.

As mentioned, people usually share their lives, but sometimes also film the lives of their families, colleagues, friends, neighbors and even their pets.

The real life cameras usually are located inside our houses and apartments. The reason is the higher image quality, actually near 5 megapixels, but with the new smartphone generation is increasingly common use of these devices to film everything that happens in our lives.

Some living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and sometimes bathrooms are used.

Is your living or bedroom or baby’s crib being watched right now through your independent webcam or the one in your laptop?

The website states the purpose of the website is to “show the importance of the security settings.” When webcams are first installed they come with a default password, many of which are the same or can be easily guessed.

Thanks You can view these webcams without any passwords, they are unsecure!

OK, first search for this in Google: inurl:”axis-cgi/mjpg” Example link: Sometimes a refresh is needed to get it started.

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Exclusive extracts to enjoy here on the site, so relax and have fun!

This cam provides a peek into her art studio as she is working occasionally, she will move the cam outside her work area to reveal other aspects of her everyday life.