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04-Apr-2020 04:44

If the person you’re talking to has a laptop or a smartphone, then it’s very likely that they’ll have easy access to some kind of video chat.

Of course, not everyone is tech-savvy so you might want to cut them some slack, but if they’re point-blank refusing to try while simultaneously posting a series of selfies on Instagram, then you could have a catfish on your hands.

Even beyond adding more photos and detail to your profile, Ginsberg said it helps to "give people a real glimpse into your life." Let them know you're a runner or a foodie, Ginsberg said, both so you have a better chance of ruling out people with incompatible lifestyles and attracting people who are similar.

To be fair, the same logic — share more about yourself, get more dates — might not apply on other dating services where the demographic skews younger, and maybe not as interested in a long-term relationship.

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Simply being willing to reveal more about yourself can be appealing.

"Go big or go home": It's probably a good life mantra, but it's an especially good online-dating mantra.

That's what I took away from my conversation with Match Group CEO Mandy Ginsberg, the exec who oversees Match, OKCupid, and Plenty of Fish.

It might sound like a small request at first; a loan to cover their phone bill or buy that train ticket so they can finally come and see you but, typically, once a catfish knows that you’re willing to shell out once the amount will keep rising.

Never send money to someone you’ve never met and, if they’re genuine, then they’ll understand. If you feel deep down that there’s something off, chances are your instinct will be correct.The number of friends they have can also be a big give-away; anything less than 100 is worth investigating further, and if you see the same people posting over and over again then it may be worth checking out their profiles too, just in case!

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