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06-Apr-2020 14:03

isty Copeland, American Ballet Theatre's first African-American female principal dancer in the company’s 75-year history, spoke about her career on Tuesday at Lincoln Center.Amid the overwhelming response to her historic appointment, she was adamant that she isn't an "overnight sensation." Having struggled with self-doubt as a young ballerina, she strives to encourage aspiring dancers to envision a brighter future. Before anyone else, you really have to believe that you're good enough, you're worthy and know that it's not easy," Copeland said.No longer around to defend herself, rumors about Odette that made the rounds bordered on the outrageous and absurd.

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I like to have fun, but don’t enjoy getting wasted. But I guess once you have a certain reputation it’s always going to stick with you – you can’t get rid of it so easily. She is like a two-year old baby; she cannot help herself, or even breathe by herself. I go to a lot of events, and upload these pictures on Facebook and Twitter. I did those things when I was young, so I have to take responsibility for it. I moved to Malaysia to be with my ex-boyfriend, who is based in Kuala Lumpur. But it was a mistake – we jumped into the relationship too fast; plus, I thought I could live anywhere in the world. I dropped down on the floor and cried when I heard that…It was so painful I thought I was going to die. After I went to Malaysia I stopped using it, and totally forgot about it, which was my fault. My family and friends know it’s not true, but I worry about what people who don’t know me think. For the first year I did almost nothing, but then I got really bored. When she gets better I will move on to the next step. In Malaysia, I discovered a lot about myself; the direction I wanted to go with my life, that I wanted to be back in Thailand. I have a website ( where I’ve uploaded some cooking videos.

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So I told my agent, whenever they do Season 2, I have to have an audition.” Despite the fact that he was brand new to acting, Lonsdale and other greener actors were surrounded by veterans of the craft, allowing shows like “Dance Academy” and the aforementioned “Home & Away” and “Neighbors” to produce fresh talent, according to Lloyd.… continue reading »

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