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23-Dec-2020 20:57

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The three-times Olympic Gold medalist has accomplished almost everything on the court and is dubbed as WNBA’s answer to men’s Michael Jordan. At the same time, I’m a firm believer that when you fall in love with somebody, you can’t control that.” Once America’s #1 high school women sensation, the Phoenix Mercury Center has conquered so much on the court.

Initially married to a man, it was only during the October of 2005 that she finally revealed her identity along with her lesbian relation with reported girlfriend Alisa Scott. Griner is undoubtedly the most controversial name that strikes your mind when it comes to lesbian sportswomen.

And, with that status comes a thirst of knowledge, begging the question “Who is Kevin Durant’s girlfriend?

” Well, over the years, there have been plenty of rumors, speculation, and alleged women tied to him.

Being a bullied LGBT child herself, Griner is often witnessed working on such issues of this generation.

From featuring as “the next Michael Jordan” as a high school kid to being three-time WNBA champion with Minnesota Lynx, Augustus has come all the way in a fairy tale like way.

But, can you imagine being at a cocktail party where everyone knows you’ve married one of the few Miss Universe winners? Since the competition, Al Horford’s wife Amelia Vega has moved to the United States, and lives in Miami where she opened a high end…Kawhi Leonard’s girlfriend Kishele Shipley moved from California to San Antonio for the big fella’ around December of 2014. Once you move to a new city for someone, you’ve really committed to them– Will from “Good Will Hunting” style. But, I think it’s a smart move because Kawhi is known to be a very loyal young man.

The revelation made by Angel Mc Coughtry illustrates how the stereotype and stigma of looking at lesbians in WNBA are all but finished. One thing I do know is that LOVE is a great feeling!

The feature article by Curve, a lesbian magazine, including her among the names of “out and proud lesbian” indicates she is a proud gay too.