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01-Mar-2020 13:31

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Then, read on to discover the best way to plan the perfect first date based on the Myers-Briggs! The perfect way to get to know this personality type is to invite them to an event that will challenge them intellectually and lead to some wholesome discussion afterwards.Check your local college, library, or community center for upcoming lectures to attend together. Grab dinner and listen to a recorded talk on Catholicism.

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Ask your date what their favorite part of an exhibit was over appetizers after your adventure together. They love being social with others and sharing a smile.

ENFJs are the charismatic leaders of the MBTI personality test.

If you want to have a great date with an ENFJ, show up on time and have a plan in mind.

ESFJs are a MBTI personality type that is caring, social, and always ready to help someone out.

They’re motivated by high energy and excitement, so going to a sports game event is the perfect place to get to know your date better.This personality type isn’t afraid of deeper conversations, so don’t be afraid to show them your favorite philosophical read or a novel that changed the way you think about an important life issue. They’re always willing to lend a hand to help out with a good cause.

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