Message to send on online dating websites

06-Jul-2020 23:03

Maybe these low response rates have less to do with how often they’re sending messages and more to do with what those messages are saying.

We want to help singles up their averages by teaching them a few sure-fire ways to compose an attractive first message.

Even if you do get a response, it’ll probably be an equally dull “Hi” or “What’s up? According to data collected by Ok Cupid, saying “Hi” or “Hello” is among the worst ways to start a first message.

Online daters who didn’t use salutations received an above-average reply rate of 27%.

But in a first message, saying something like “I love your smile” or “You have a great body” is most likely going to turn someone off because it’s just cheap. Remember, this is a complete stranger, and you need to be respectful of that person’s boundaries.

As Ludacris would say, “You don’t know me like that.” I know this is going to sound crazy, but people on the internet lie sometimes.

Sure, it saves you the time rather it takes to come up with something original to say, but you’re not going to score points with anyone by doing that. A smooth line isn’t the best way to start a conversation.

You’ll say your line, and the other person will “lol” politely and then move on to someone who wants to talk about something real.

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It’s basically the laziest and most meaningless thing you could say.Also, while we’re on the subject, never copy and paste your first message.

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We refer to these individuals throughout this report as “online daters,” and we define them in the following way: Taken together, 11% of all American adults have used either an online dating site or a mobile dating app and are classified as “online daters.” The questions we have used to measure online dating have evolved over the years, and as a result we cannot directly compare the size of the total online dating population to some of our earlier surveys on the subject.… continue reading »

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