Marriage vs dating

25-Nov-2020 20:09

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Always ensure you are not loading full responsibility on one spouse to maintain your relationship or your lives, and in areas that primarily fall on their shoulders be their support system.

Another way to make equality romantic is by going above and beyond for your partner from time to time.

However, intimacy is one of those places in a relationship where communication is king.

Both partners should feel confident and capable of speaking up for what they would like to bring into their love life.

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The biggest reason spontaneity is romantic in a marriage is because it is an outward sign to your partner that you still think about them.If someone wants to know, they matter to another person, simply being heard and being confident that what they say matters, goes a long way.There is no greater way to show someone you love them than by keeping open, honest, and authentic communication at the core of your relationship and striving to be the best listener to their words you can be.Fairness While a good relationship should always have some level of equality whether two people are dating or married, many obligations come along with the married life where equality is key.

Each partners role in the relationship may look different (perhaps one spouse works, and the other stays home with children or is a student) but the level of influence and authority in the relationship should be the same for both individuals.Go out of your way to physically touch one another and bring cuddling back into the relationship.