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(She says she’s hesitated to introduce dates to her synagogue, however, lest they stick around after a breakup.) Loeb was even more reluctant when Laikind approached her with the idea for “Single” around 2004.

She’d split with Zappa, knew little about contemporary dating and says she wasn’t remotely ready to start playing the field.

She repeatedly asks friends and acquaintances to fix her up, forcing a smile as one tries to impress her by croaking a karaoke version of her 1994 hit single, “Stay.” She visits Victoria’s Secret when her sister insists she must “wear things guys can imagine tearing off of you” — and lifts her blouse to reveal a sequined bra in the fitting room.

Loeb’s father, Peter, a Dallas gastroenterologist, told The Journal that he was initially anxious about that scene and the show in general.

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“He says you have to experience being lonely so you can be open to meeting somebody new,” the musician recalls.The Jewish chanteuse was among the first in a new wave of female folk-rock musicians to emerge in a trend that would later include Jewel and Alanis Morissette; she is known for her trademark cat-eyed glasses, sexy-brainy image and wistful lyrics about ambivalent lovers.As she awkwardly begins looking for love on her TV show, she seems as lost as a character from one of her songs.Lisa Anne Loeb (born March 11, 1968) is a Jewish American singer-songwriter and actress.

She launched her career in 1994 with the song, "Stay (I Missed You)". Loeb was born in Bethesda, Maryland, and raised in Dallas, Texas where she attended The Hockaday School, an all-girls private school.While the non-Jewish boyfriends did not thrill her parents, they ultimately brought the agnostic Loeb back to Judaism.