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""I learned--I learned that illusion is a way to truth. That there are things beyond or beneath or on the other side of what most people...think of as reality,"Our main characters, the Allalies, are a family of illusionists that trace their origin, their magical one at least, to a old secret society called The Order of the Labyrinth, which is both an actual physical, metaphysical, and magical place, but also symbolic of the twists and turns of the lives of the characters--all of whom are charged with this quest to recognize what it is that they must learn.That might be my only real complaint with this otherwise very enjoyable novel--I found the didactic element to be rather heavy handed.At the end, we are once again asked to self examine as Molly asks a new question-- "What am I capable of?I've walked Fentrice's labyrinth, but what would happen if I walked my own? What sort of monster is lurking there, what horrible emotions do I have that I keep hidden away, that I never look at?

I received an ARC copy of this book from the publisher, Open Road---who publish a wide variety of very fine books in all genres, in exchange for an honest review.Goldstein had not been on in her 18 months of online dating: a sunset ferry ride on the East River and a picnic in Brooklyn Bridge Park.“Every first date was an invite for drinks,” she said. When one of the elephant guides called out a command, Mr. Goldstein, who slowly reached out to take it while Mr.