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20-May-2020 17:25

It took him about 2 to 3 years to test out his "food as fuel" theories. Jurek based his diet switch on research, backed up by his own-evidence-based experiences.

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Harrowing exposure to heights, fixed ropes, and steps cut into snowfields, tundra, and rock, hopping cross-country where no trail exists, and scree fields that crumble under you feet as you spin in place.

He's a former hunter & fisherman, who used to live on typical Western meals--pizza, double Mc Chicken sandwiches & extra-large fries.

He competed first, as a meat-eater, before slowly switching it up to plant-based.

I even avoided anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen, which other long-distance runners gobbled by the handful.

I thought it masked pain so much that I might risk serious injury by running when I shouldn't.

And having a degree in physical therapy gives his n=1 experiment a little more credibility.