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24-Mar-2020 11:42

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Jews don’t care what race a person is, but what their religion is!

Jewish law requires a Jew to marry another Jew — Zuckerberg got flack because he married a non-Jew.

Hence, the objection that the Jews have is when someone who is racially Jewish marries someone who is not racially Jewish.

Those rabbis don’t mind at all if an observant Jew marries a Jew who is not observant.

When Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg married an Asian woman, he caught a lot of criticism from Jewish religious leaders who felt that Mark was betraying his race.

I wrote him via Facebook and congratulated him, told him that his wife was very pretty (which she is), and said that he should not listen to stupid rabbis.

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Marc Lipshitz said: You really are an anti-Semite aren’t you? Zuckerberg got flack for marrying a non-Jew and would have received exactly the same flack as anyone marrying any non-Jew regardless of the non-Jew’s race.David Sims said: Of course I am an “anti-Semite” — in the sense that Jews hate what I say.You seem to have a very common kind of confusion, Marc.You think that every anti-Semitic statement is also a statement. Anti-Semitic utterances are merely utterances that the Jews don’t like: Calling them “anti-Semitic” says nothing about whether they are true or false. Let me straighten things out by providing the correct comparison.

Mark Zuckerberg was criticized for marrying outside the Jewish race.

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