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Not that it mattered since most of the examples didn't really make sense anyways. This is a fun book, giving dating advice based on Jane Austen's characters' flaws and strengths, good and bad relationships, Henderson's thoughts on how and why they work, and modern relationships that have undergone similar trials. As someone who hasn't dated in decades, it was not a guide for me but was very clever and sensible as well. In one chapter it highlighted the point that you should not play hard to get and try to appear hard to resist. Granted, there is still the odd bit of hypocrisy/contradiction that comes with just about any set of rules, but on the whole it is still much preferable to them.I enjoyed reading it tremendously and never thought that it is actually a self help book and dating guides! I am a firm believer that Jane Austen was a great and wise observer of life and character and that her wisdom transcends time, and so I enjoyed the parts of the book looking at her work.If you love Jane Austen you will like this book, it is all about how her books teach us the proper way to find and fall in love with the right person. At the end of the book there is a quiz to see what kind of heroine you are and a summary of all Jan'es novels, and character analysis of romantic character good and bad! And Henderson repeatedly accuses Willoughby's wife of being "bitchy" which is unfairly harsh). Don't put your feelings on public display, unless they're fully reciprocated. Maybe she ought to have accepted that little, gnome-like man who likes to quibble over £1 for charity after all! I'll find out if any of my friends' grandsons are single! ' Nooooooooooooooo, I'll never be able to look her in the eye again!!!That is what the books of Jane Austen are all about, right? I highly recommend this book for: anyone whole loves romance, loves Jane Austen, is in search of a Mr. Darcy, keeps falling in love with Willoughby's and Wickhams's, and is . I'm also 90% positive that the majority of the "real life" examples were made up or heavily edited to fit the principle it was meant to illustrate. However, since in reality she has probably forgotten all about it, and giving a thought to the fact this book is serious with a serious readership who I don't want to disrespect, perhaps a calmer, more diplomatic response would be this; although I personally would not normally read a dating guide, I must concede that this one based around the wisdom of Jane Austen has much sounder advice than many of those by modern 'gurus', whose advice usually seems to involve over-analysing and playing mind games.

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It does stand to reason that most people do that through discussions with their friends, so maybe dating guides are written for lonely people, I’m willing to give you that point. If we cooked in all dating guides, we would end up with a set of four common rules:1. A cynic might feel the need to tell you that if you need a dating guide to be reminded of that, you are not in possession of enough common sense to be trusted. I’ve met very few girls or women that would let you pick up the bill on a first date.

They give us reason to look back at our own dating experiences and the horribly stupid things we did to try and impress our dates, usually making comple Why read a dating guide?

Most people, readers and non-readers alike, will agree that there’s few books more unnecessary than a dating guide.

A completely new and amusing approach to dating, includes insightful personality quizzes that reveal which Jane Austen character you--and your mate--most resemble. Not to say we shouldn't improve ourselves but what one woman fancies I most certainly don't. The perspective is disappointing; although much of it is sensible and well grounded, there's also a lot that is contradictory and anti-feminist.

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Armed with this knowledge, you can learn what to do if you're a Lizzie, but the object of your affection is a Bingley. While this book had some good points, and it was fun to see what lessons might be learned from Jane Austen novels, I decided, while reading it, that you marry who you fall in love with in spite of the annoying (do not date this kind of guy) traits he might have. Perhaps I simply shouldn't be reading books about dating.No, really, nobody in his right mind needs them (and nobody in his left mind would understand them *giggle*).

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