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On some occasions, I will like the canon, harems are an example.): Issei/Aika: In the canon, they're PERVERTS! Sad that there isn't a single story about this, though.

Favorite Pairings (Being honest here, I prefer rare or crack pairings.

Just PM me before doing it, please.): Take Place after Metal Slug 7/XX and Contra 4.

Morden tries to start another war, this with the help of Red Falcon and Mars People.

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However, conflicted by his feelings to a blond maiden and his duty, would he ignore it? During the confrontation between Michael and Lucifer, a unknown being with the combine power of the strongest Pagan Gods interrupted them. During his investigation for looking his squad mates, the Rookie never knew that the Superintendent would lead him to a discovery.

Even if a platform lets you do so, there’s usually some sort of catch.… continue reading »

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With his personal recommendation on the best laneway coffee I headed down to Jungle Juice on Centre Place and reengaged with my espresso habit (3 per day anyone) and perched on a plastic drinks crate I chatted with the inhabitants and watched the world go by on a fine Anzac day morning.… continue reading »

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