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He had hooks on the wall and his clothing were on the hooks on the wall. But there`s a little sink there that had some running water that sort of drips continually. A Dutch pastor had flown over from the Netherlands. He told me that he was here for all of the Dutch prisoners in Peru. But lo and behold he comes right now and he spoke with Joran. Politicians that demonize wealthy people simply want the wealth for themselves.Democrats want men to act like women, women to act like men, children to pick their gender, biological men in girl restrooms and sports, Venezuela’s economy & all white heterosexuals to apologize because RACISM 4EVAAAA.Jean, you took a tour today of the prison, and I understand that you saw Van Der Sloot there.

These inspirational speakers, celebrities, and TV personalities are available for corporate entertainment, motivational speaking engagements, meet and greets, trade shows, brand or product endorsements, and other company [email protected] Cuomo claiming that “Fredo” is the same as the N word, so he can feel righteous as he thugs someone—proves my point. Jeffrey Epstein was imprisoned on the charges and the files were released yesterday. Return to Transcripts main page JOY BEHAR SHOW Joran Behind Bars; Miley Photo Controversy Aired June 17, 2010 - ET THIS IS A RUSH TRANSCRIPT. And we did get exclusive access into Castro Castro. But it turns out, Miley was wearing panties all along. What do Helen Thomas and Kathy Griffin have in common? If Joran Van Der Sloot is convicted of the murder of Stephany Flores, he could eventually find himself in Peru`s most notorious prison, considered to be one of the worst and the most dangerous jails in the world.

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Well, they both blurt out whatever comes into their heads. Here now to talk about that and the latest from Peru is Jean Casarez, correspondent for "In Session" on Tru TV. And I was amongst murderers, but I spoke with them, interviewed some of them, interviewed someone that was from Los Angeles.