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“Each school should have its own complaints procedure, and parents should be consulted about it,” says Lynch.“There are better restorative models out there, for handling complaints, which address the problem in a context where everyone needs to carry on together in the school community.” If a parent is unhappy with the outcome of a school complaint at board of management level they can bring it to the Ombudsman for Children, but the Ombudsman can only recommend policy changes and cannot find against any named individual.In March 2012, the Ombudsman reiterated her concerns to a Dáil committee, and called on the Minister for Education to implement the relevant legislation which is already in place.Parents were coming to her office with complaints about schools because “they have nowhere else to go” when complaints were not addressed at school level.Both children were diagnosed with learning and behavioural difficulties and both felt that end-of-term and classroom reporting and feedback was impacting negatively on their children.They also felt that recommendations in occupational therapy and psychological reports were not being implemented. The Ombudsman found that although the school was pro-active in creating educational plans, the tone of their reporting was negative and, wrongly, benchmarked the children against their peers.These tend to be children who do not live with their parents.Complaints have also been made by extended family members and professionals working directly with children, including teachers, principals and social workers.

“We are not happy with the complaints procedure and have fundamental concerns about how it operates.In 2012, the NPC answered 88 calls from parents about the school complaints procedure; 42 calls were from parents concerned that a teacher was bullying the child, while 25 related to allegations of bullying by school principals.