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13-Jan-2021 19:28

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I looked with a microscope and I think there are some flawed areas and I don't think you are nearly as good as you think you are. That means that you will also delete my product from your files and remove it from any derivative work in which you have used it. Customer dissatisfaction, however rare, results in an instant refund, assuming you have a receipt or the record of the sale is in my shopping cart.You can also simply go directly to the store, log in, click on the "My Account" button (in the far right of the top navigation bar) and go to your account page to check for download links that way. In that case, contact me right away and I'll expedite the delivery personally.Please note: on rare occasions (like 1% of the time) customers do not receive their email notifications because they have transferred funds from a checking account into Pay Pal to cover the purchase but the check has not yet cleared their bank.After those limits are exceeded, the downloads have to be reset by me, which I am more than happy to do.

If you make a mistake and end up buying a product which you can not use because you do not have a graphics program which will open the files, I will happily grant you a refund. So please do read that Readme file and make sure you are buying something you can use. I live to satisfy people, if it is humanly possible. Naturally anything that is missing or corrupted from a product file will be replaced quickly (see #1 above).

That would include Paint Shop Pro 5.5 , Adobe Photoshop, or Corel Painter.

There are other programs which might have those features, but I don't use them & don't have them or use them and can't vouch for them.

These are situations beyond my control, but I'm happy to look into the reasons why the download links did not arrive in a timely manner.

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I have a poor internet connection and it takes a long time for me to download your files.No customization is provided for individual design elements in a product package.

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