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04-Oct-2020 00:48

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Lord knows what he has or hasn't done but the only way forward for you both is for him to come clean and admit it all to you so you can start working to fix things, assuming that's what you both want.

If he continues to deny it, he is essentially telling you that he wants the excitement of seeing other women but he would like to retain the comforts of home that you provide.

Illicit Encounters I have used the club Married Dating for 5 months and I have met 4 ladies.

While my dh was away recently I found an email from Illicit Encounters online dating agency saying his membership was just about to run out, also there were several other emails from similar agencies.

The fact that he has paid membership fees also proves that this isn't just a bit of fantasy surfing on the internet but that he has followed through and met other women, lots of other women.

When I confronted him with what I found he denied doing anything wrong, said emails were spam mail and that someone must of hacked into his computer and sent out the emails from him, is this possible?

Promised he had never been unfaithful and would never risk our marriage and hurt our 2 dc.

When I looked in his sent mail box I found seven emails to women with his photo attached, also one had a lettersaying how he enjoyed chatting to her and that he thought they would clickemotionally and phyisically, he didnt want a one night stand and maybe they could meet for a date and maybe more.

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Totally shocked I looked through his bank statements and found a transaction for Easy Date. Over the years, we have been together for 17 years there have been many times he has disappeared for hours at a time, late home from work and not being able to reach him on his mobile.

Ed from East Sussex I was really shy at first, who would have thought I would do something like this!

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